Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Measuring Technology Adoption

One of our schools is nearing the end of an 8 week term which culminates in every student out of 230 producing their own ePortfolio.

The school is using the Google Apps suite to host these ePortfolios. From year 1 to year 6 the approaches range from constructing a PowerPoint document from the work samples inside a pre-set template which is uploaded, through the students constructing a PowerPoint document which is uploaded, to a process where each work sample is uploaded to its own page inside the ePortfolio site.

It's an interesting project, and I'm looking into ways to now evaluate the process, to identify the areas of strength and weakness, and to develop methods which can be employed over the next 10 week term when the next termly ePortfolio is developed.

Dr Helen Barratt links to these two older pieces of work:

Being in an international school which an have a high turn over of teachers, one focus will need to be to identify potential leaders in this area.

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